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Loyalty Program

Here at Britsuperstore we offer a loyalty programme where purchases and other activities earn points, and those points can be used to gain money off future orders.
This programme is available to registered customers only. If you're not registered yet you may do so at any time. Just click "My Account" at the top of the page and follow the on-screen instructions. This automatically entitles you to 10 points for the opening the account.
Once you are logged in, your points balance is visible at the top of every page, and you can view a breakdown of your points earned and spent via the my account area.

How to earn points

When placing an order, you earn 1 point for every pound spent on goods. You will see reminders in various places, like in the cart and checkout, explaining how many points your purchases are worth.

How to spend points

At checkout, if you have points in your account, you may choose to spend some or all of those points towards the value of your order.