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Marks and Spencer Sweets

The Marks and Spencer sweets collection is comprised of all your classic flavours, such as toffee eclairs and salted caramel chocolates, as well as unique sweet treats such as fruit crumbles and pear and strawberry unicorns! People of all ages love M&S sweets and here at Britsuperstore, you can order all of your favourite treats online.

Percy Pigs

Percy pigs are Marks and Spencer’s most recognisable sweets, and they’re loved by kids and adults alike. Even better yet, the collection has expanded to include Percy Pig and Pals, Globetrotting Percy, Percy Pigtails and much more! You can shop for classic Percy Pigs on our website, as well as the lesser-known variations in the range. 

Are Percy Pigs Vegan?

Whilst Percy Pigs are not vegan because they contain E901 (beeswax), they are suitable for vegetarians as M&S revealed that they removed the gelatine from the entire range earlier this year.

Percy Pig Gifts

Do you know a Percy Pig fanatic or are you one yourself? If so, we’ve got the perfect solution for you… Our selection of Percy Pig Gifts are the ideal present for a loved one overseas, or a surprise treat for someone closer to home. The gift options we provide include:

M&S Vegan Sweets

The Fruit Sours and Fizzy Rainbows products from the veggie Colin the Caterpillar range from M&S are classed as vegan as they don’t contain any animal products. Best of all, we stock both of these options in our online shop. 

Whilst a lot of Marks and Spencer confectionery is vegetarian as it doesn’t contain gelatine, it’s best to read the packaging to double-check whether they contain animal products such as milk or beeswax. 

M&S Veggie Sweets

Not only are Percy Pigs vegetarian, so are many other sweets in Marks and Spencer confectionary collection, including:

  • Fizzy Pop Sweets (Gelatine-free)
  • Red and Black Gums (Gelatine-free)
  • Veggie Colin and Connie the Caterpillars 

Buy Marks and Spencer Sweets Online

From Marks and Spencer fudge to Percy the Pig, you can find and purchase it all on our website. Simply browse the collection and order your favourites!