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Yorkshire Tea Bags

There’s nothing more British than a piping-hot brew, which means that you’ll find Yorkshire Tea bags in many family homes across the country. If you’re someone that can’t live without your Yorkshire Gold or your Yorkshire biscuit tea, we’re here to help. We offer international shipping on all of our Yorkshire Tea bags, allowing you to enjoy a great British brew in any environment!

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Where is Yorkshire Tea Made?

Despite being called ‘Yorkshire’ tea, this tea is grown in over 20 different regions throughout India and Africa. The unique blend was created in North Yorkshire and it has been specifically made to blend well with the water supply in the region, giving rise to the name Yorkshire Tea.

Is There Caffeine in Yorkshire Tea?

Just like most tea brands, Yorkshire Tea bags do contain a small amount of caffeine, however, their range also includes decaf options if you’re trying to kick the caffeine habit. This includes Yorkshire Tea Decaf and Yorkshire Tea Bedtime Brew. 

Types of Yorkshire Tea Bags

Yorkshire Tea bags come in several varieties to suit all tastes and preferences. Fortunately, we stock all of the classic Yorkshire Tea flavours as well as the new varieties on our website, and they can all be shipped internationally! Browse our online store to purchase:

  • Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew
  • Yorkshire Gold Tea Bags
  • Yorkshire Tea Decaf
  • Loose Leaf Yorkshire Tea
  • Yorkshire Tea Hard Water

Yorkshire Tea Gifts

If you know someone that’s obsessed with tea we have the perfect products for you. We stock Yorkshire Tea bags in 240, 480 and even 1040 bag sizes, so you can get your tea-fanatic friends a surprise that they’ll love!

How to Make the Best Brew with Yorkshire Tea Bags

Making a perfect cup of tea might seem difficult, but in reality, it’s easy! The process is the same regardless of whether you’re brewing a hot cup of Yorkshire Gold or your beloved Biscuit Brew. 

Simply boil water in your kettle, leave your tea bag or tea leaves to steep for 4-5 minutes, add milk (if desired) and you’re good to go. 

Fast International Tea Delivery Service

We offer international shipping on all of our products, and they’re picked after you make your order to ensure the longest shelf life possible. Even better yet, we make sure your products are safely packed and stored so that your tea delivery arrives in the best possible condition.