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Seabrook Crisps

Seabrook crisps are a British staple, so it’s no wonder that so many people crave their signature flavours when they move away. With classic flavours such as Seabrooks sea salted crisps and unusual flavours such as Canadian ham to choose from, you’ll definitely find a favourite in their varied collection. 

We ship all of our products internationally for an affordable price, so you won’t have to worry about leaving your beloved Seabrooks crisps behind when you move away. 

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    Seabrook Crinkle Cut Beefy Crisps 6 pack

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Classic Seabrook Crisps Flavours

Seabrook crisps now come in a whole host of enticing flavours to satisfy crisp-lovers all over the world, including cream cheese and chive and smokehouse cayenne. However, their classic crisp flavours simply can’t be beaten. 

We stock popular Seabrook crisp flavours such as:

  • Seabrook prawn cocktail crisps 
  • Seabrook sea salted crisps 
  • Seabrook sea salt and vinegar crisps
  • Seabrook cheese and onion crisps 

Are Seabrook Crisps Vegan?

A large proportion of the Seabrook crisps range is vegan, and the whole entire range is certified gluten-free. Even flavours such as prawn cocktail and beefy are vegan!

If you’re unsure if any of our products are suitable for you, get in touch with our team and we’ll help you out with your query.

Seabrook Fire Eaters

Seabrook fire eaters are the perfect for the thrill-seekers out there, and they come in three scorching flavours:

  • Searin’ hot chilli and lemon 
  • Scorching hot chilli
  • Smokin’ hot smokehouse cayenne

If you’re a massive Seabrooks fire eaters fan, buy your favourite flavours online and get them shipped internationally with Britsuperstore.