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Kinder Chocolate

Kinder Products

The word ‘kinder’ is German for ‘children’, but even adults can’t keep their hands off these delicious chocolate treats. We’ve sourced all of the best Kinder products you can find here in the UK, so you can treat your loved ones to a taste of home - or save them for yourself! 

Buy Kinder Chocolate Eggs Online

The Kinder Chocolate Egg is one that’s enjoyed by many and is made up of two smooth chocolate halves with a milky interior, as well as a hidden surprise toy. If you and your family are Kinder Chocolate Egg fanatics, we’ve got you covered! No matter whether you want 1 or 10, you’ll be sure to find the right option for you amongst our selection of Kinder products.

The Kinder Egg products we stock at Brit Superstore include: 

  • *  Kinder Surprise Egg x 1

  • *  Kinder Surprise Egg 3 Pack (Unisex)

  • *  Kinder Surprise Egg Retail Pack (48 Eggs)

Are Kinder Surprise Eggs safe?

Kinder Surprise Eggs are safe, however, young children should be supervised when given the Kinder Surprise Eggs as they contain small toys within the chocolate shell. 

These Kinder products are not allowed in some countries, so it’s best to get in touch with our team via our online contact form to see whether we can ship to your location.

Kinder Bueno Gifts

Loved by both adults and kids, Kinder Buenos are the perfect chocolate to gift to your friends and family overseas. The classic Kinder Bueno is made up of silky-smooth milk chocolate, crispy wafer and a velvety hazelnut filling, whereas Kinder Bueno White has the same great qualities as the original but is covered in white chocolate instead. 

Here at Brit Superstore, we have several Kinder Bueno gift options to suit your needs, including singular packs, 4 packs and packs of 30 for the real Kinder fanatics out there.

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Why Purchase Kinder Products from Brit Superstore?

To make sure your Kinder chocolate arrives in peak condition, our team purchases your products in the UK after you’ve placed your order. This means that we have better control over the condition of your items, and it also means that you can benefit from a longer shelf life when your order gets to you.

By shopping with Brit Superstore, you will also benefit from:

  • *  Fast shipping

  • *  Excellent customer service

  • *  Worldwide shipping

  • *  Products specifically sourced for the UK market