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Scotts Porage

Enjoy traditional porridge the way it’s supposed to be eaten with Scotts Oats. Whether you like thick or more finely milled oats, Scotts has a range of different Porage Oats so you can enjoy a filling and nutritious breakfast just the way you like it. Represented on the packaging by the Scot throwing a shot-put, oats are a great source of energy as well as being high in fibre, minerals and vitamins.

We have a range of Scotts Porage Oats products available on our website that can be shipped internationally. Choose from traditional Porage Oats in a variety of sizes and sachet packs and handy Snack Pots. Thanks to our extensive experience, you can be confident that we will get your order to you quickly and safely.

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The Original Porridge Oats

Scotts Porage Oats are quite simply the original and best porridge oats. These Scottish-milled oats make a hearty, wholesome porridge that will warm you up on those cold winter mornings. Porridge is synonymous with Scotland, where it has been eaten since the Middle Ages. Scotts have been producing porridge oats since 1880, and the company have been milling in Cupar, Scotland since 1947.

Easy To Use Sachets & Snack Pots

You can now enjoy a delicious breakfast on the go with Scotts Porage Oats snack pots! Simply add hot water, stir, wait for two minutes and then enjoy a delicious breakfast snack that will keep you going until lunch!

Also enjoy Scotts Porage Oats quickly and easily thanks to their multiple sachet pack. Each sachet contains the perfect amount of oats, and you can even use the sachet to measure the milk you need to add. These tasty porridge oats are microwaveable and will be ready to eat in just 3 minutes – perfect for porridge lovers who are strapped for time in the morning.