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Jordans Cereals

Jordans have been fuelling Britain's breakfasts since 1855. Their oat and nut cereals are made using nutritious whole grains, nuts and fruit with nothing artificial - perfect for fuelling up for a busy day! With a tasty range of oats, muesli, granola bars and other cereals - you're guaranteed a nutritious and delicious breakfast perfectly suited to you.

We stock a range of Jordans Cereals for you to choose from right here on the Britsuperstore website. We also ship all of our products internationally, so complete your order today to get your Jordans Cereal products delivered to you in no time.

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  1. Jordans Natural Muesli 1Kg Image for illustration purposes only

    Jordans Natural Muesli 1Kg

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    Jordans Fruit And Nut Muesli 620g

    May be known as Special Muesli in certain other countries.

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Jordans Cereals & Muesli

Country Crisp from Jordans is a much loved cereal, made right here in Britain, and now you can enjoy this super berry flavour. The golden baked clusters of oats complement the array of juicy berries in the pack, including blackcurrants, blueberries and cranberries. The sweet, soft fruit adds a wonderful taste and diversifies the texture, combined with the crunchy oat clusters.

Jordans Natural Muesli is a super-healthy breakfast cereal boasting a delicious blend of 100% natural cereals, fruits and nuts. High in fibre and containing no added sugar, Jordans Natural Muesli is the perfect option for anyone looking to start their day in the healthiest possible way. It’s also perfect for guilt-free snacking on whenever the need arises!

Jordans Granola

Jordans Granola blends oat and honey clusters with freeze dried berries, seeds and almonds for a delicious and nutritious cereal mix. High in fibre and containing no artificial flavourings, colouring or preservatives, it's delicious for breakfast – but can also be tucked into when hunger strikes later in the day!

Jordans Crunchy Granola is packed full of fibre and wholegrain goodness, it is also low in salt and contains no artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives or GM ingredients.