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SMA Baby Milk and Formula

Important Notice breastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits. It is recommended that infant milk be used only on the advice of an independent doctor, or public health nurse.

SMA Milk and Formula 

We provide SMA milk and formula products to support your child from birth and throughout their toddler stages. Our extensive range of SMA formulas includes their milk powder formulas as well as their ready-made bottles, so you can easily find the ideal solution for your family.

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  1. SMA Extra Hungry Milk 800g Image for illustration purposes only

    SMA Extra Hungry Milk 800g

    SMA Extra Hungry Milk provides the extra nutrition your baby needs for longer-lasting fullness and happy, healthy growth.

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SMA Comfort Infant Milk

SMA comfort milk is perfect for newborns, and it can be given to children until they are 12 months old. Complete with omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and proteins, it is a nutritionally-balanced formula that will support your baby’s development in their early stages. 

SMA Pro First Infant Milk 

Here at Britsuperstore, you can purchase SMA pro first infant milk in powdered form and in ready-made bottles. SMA cartons are perfect for feeding on-the-go, whilst powdered formulas are ideal for providing milk at home. 

Even better yet, we offer international shipping on all of our products so you can ship your best-loved SMA formulas around the world with ease. 

SMA Ready Made Bottles  

SMA ready-made bottles are a time-saving option for those who need to feed their baby while away from home.

These handy cartons do not need any preparation, you simply have to shake the carton and empty it into a sterilised bottle. 

Buy SMA Milk Powder Online at Britsuperstore

No matter whether you require SMA hungry baby milk or SMA soy milk formula, you can find it all on the Britsuperstore website. 

Once you place your order, our experienced shoppers will shop for your products and send them to your desired address. This ensures your products arrive in the best possible condition. 

If you require a helping hand with your order, contact us today for guidance. Alternatively, browse our online baby food shop to see which other products we have on offer.