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Hipp Anti-Reflux Milk 800g

Hipp Anti-Reflux Milk 800g
A gentle, thickened milk formula that is suitable for the dietary management of reflux and regurgitation.

HiPP Anti Reflux Milk - 800g

HiPP anti reflux milk is a gentle, thickened milk formula that is suitable for dietary management of reflux and regurgitation. 

Unlike the HiPP organic range, HiPP anti reflux formula is not currently certified organic due to strict legislation around specialist baby milk. However, HiPP anti reflux milk still undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to ensure it’s the best possible quality for your child. 

When to Use HiPP Anti Reflux Milk

HiPP anti reflux milk should only be used for special medical purposes, therefore, it should only be given to babies upon a doctor’s approval, and under medical supervision only. 

This milk can be used as a substitute for breastfeeding from birth, and it can be used as part of a mixed weaning diet from 6 months onwards. 

How to Prepare HiPP Organic Anti Reflux Milk

Anti reflux milk has different preparation instructions to other powder formulas, so it’s important to follow the guidelines carefully when preparing the milk for your child. When mixing this milk, it’s important to:

  • Use a single-holed fast flow teat for feeding

  • Always prepare feeds fresh

  • Use the product within 3 weeks of opening

  • Never heat the feed in the microwave

For a full list of instructions, please see the manufacturer’s website or guidelines.