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Important Notice breastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits. It is recommended that infant milk be used only on the advice of an independent doctor, or public health nurse.

Hipp Organic Baby Milk

We stock an extensive range of Hipp Baby Formula to support your baby’s development at every stage. With Organic Formulas from the newborn stage to formulas to help your toddler grow, Hipp Formula is specifically designed to make sure your child gets the nutrients they need every step of the way.

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    Hipp Decorated Milk Storage Box

    Fits one 400g or 600g sachet inside. Includes scoop leveller and holder.

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Is Hipp Formula Really Organic?

Not all of the Hipp Formulas on Brit Superstore are organic. Hipp's Organic Formulas tend to be aimed at babies from birth up to 12 months although Hipp tests for quality at every stage of production and no chemical pesticides are used on the farms and fields where the cows graze. 

This helps to ensure that the milk that arrives on your doorstep is as safe and gentle as it can be for your little one.

Types of Hipp Formula

We have a variety of different types of Hipp Formula to choose from, so you can find the perfect product to suit your baby’s needs. Some of the Hipp Organic products we stock include: 

  • *  Hipp Organic Hungry Infant Milk

  • *  Hipp Organic Anti-reflux Milk

  • *  Hipp 6 Month Stage 2 Organic Follow-on Milk

  • *  Hipp Organic Combiotic Stage 1 First Infant Milk

Make sure to browse the full collection to find the right baby formula for your family.

Why Purchase Baby Formula from Brit Superstore?

Here at Brit Superstore, all of our products are designed for the UK market and all products are purchased in the UK. We do not hold stock, which ensures the longest shelf life possible for your products.

It’s common for any parent to want to provide the very best for their little ones and help give them the best start in life. We share your concerns and therefore we aim to get all of our products to you in the best possible condition. 

How to Choose the Best Baby Formula for Your Child

Important Noticebreastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits. It is recommended that infant milk be used only on the advice of an independent doctor, or public health nurse'.

It can be challenging trying to figure out which baby formula is right for your child, that’s why we’ve put together some simple together to help you decide:

  • *  Consult your doctor - Some babies are allergic to cows milk, so consulting your doctor can help you decide which options are most suitable for your child.

  • *  Age - Baby formulas such as Hipp Organic Milk are usually categorised by age group. Make sure you read the label to ensure you’re choosing the right milk for your baby’s age. 

  • *  Brand - It’s important to stick with established, highly-rated brands when choosing baby milk. Brands such as Hipp go through extensive quality-testing to make sure their products are safe for all.