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Hipp 2 Years Combiotic Growing Up Milk Stage 4 600g

Hipp 2 Years Combiotic Growing Up Milk Stage 4 600g
Suitable from 2 years onwards, HiPP growing up milk 4* is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of your child as part of a balanced diet after their second birthday. As your child develops their needs change as they require more of certain nutrients like iron and vitamin D that are hard to get from the diet, and less of some
nutrients like protein. HiPP growing up milk 4 contains more iron and vitamin D than semi-skimmed cow's milk, helping your toddler meet their daily requirement of these essential nutrients.


HiPP 4 Growing Up Milk - 600g

HiPP 4 is designed to provide your child with essential nutrients, such as vitamin D and iron, to help support their immune system and overall growth. 

HiPP milk 4, just like other HiPP formulas, is certified organic. This means that no pesticides are used on the farms where the cows graze. All HiPP formulas also go through rigorous testing to ensure that they’re safe for your child.

When to Use Hipp 4 Growing Up Milk

HiPP organic milk 4 should only be given to children aged 2 years and older, as part of a varied diet. It is fortified with essential nutrients, and contains more vitamin D than semi-skimmed cows’ milk; thus helping to support your child as they grow.

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