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Mail Forwarding Service. This service has been set up to enable our customers to order mail-order goods from the United Kingdom and get them delivered to their International address. To use this service you need to apply for a free slot number, which will be allocated to you by one of our staff.

Once you have a slot number you can arrange for goods to be delivered to us on your behalf. All you need to remember is to have all goods addressed in YOUR NAME with your slot number afterward. So all goods forwarded to us on your behalf should be addressed as such: Mr Joe Bloggs (SLOT 123), 15-17 Elms Vale Road, Dover, Kent CT17 9NZ

Once your goods arrive we will contact you via e-mail to inform you of the amount of forwarding you need to order. This will vary depending on the size of the goods ordered. Couriers use volumetric measuring for their parcels, and as such we have to take this into account with your goods. You will be asked to order whichever is the greater weight, real or volumetric. For more details on how to work out volumetric weight please see the terms and conditions.

Payment is not required until you order the forwarding service on the site, so no funds will be taken until your goods are ready to ship. When placing your order for forwarding, feel free to browse our site and add any goods that you would like to purchase. There is no limit to the number of goods you can order or forward through this service. Some countries have various size and weight restrictions imposed upon them, and as such we are limited as to the size of box we can send to certain destinations. Most countries have a limit of 30kg and a length restriction of 1 meter. We will contact you if there are any issues or additional shipping costs if your parcel is very heavy.

Insurance comes as standard depending on the courier that you use, Parcelforce has £100.00 as standard insurance and DHL comes with £50.00 as standard. If you require extra insurance, please contact us for details of how much to purchase. Certain goods are restricted and it is up to you as the receiver to check that your goods are not restricted and will not incur duty fees. Any fees incurred will be charged to you as the receiver. We will not forward any items ordered that already appear on our website, and if any mail forwarding contains such items, we will return them to the store originally purchased from you. All aerosols and flammable items are restricted to all countries. If there are any required items that are not listed on our website then please contact us so that we may try to locate them and add them to our site for you. Sometimes it will be necessary to re-package your goods to ensure that they arrive in the best condition possible. We will inform you if this is necessary and how many to order when we send your instructions on how many forwarding services to order. This is highly unusual as most companies package their goods extremely well and we rarely have to re-pack items. This service is a forwarding service and all goods delivered to us in your name are your property and are accountable to you as the receiver. We accept no liability concerning refunds and as such, any returns or problems with your mail forwarding are between you and the store/company that you purchased your goods from. To enquire about this service please click on this Link ( Enquiries ) to return back to the Mail forwarding page please click here.