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English Tea Shop

As an ex-pat who is looking for english tea products, please browse our online tea shop.  You will find that we offer a full range of english products for making the perfect cup of british tea.  From normal use everyday teabags, to fruit and herb speciality leaf tea, we can offer you anything that you may need.  In addition why not have a look at our extensive range of british food?  Maybe some biscuits to go with your tea?  Or if you require something we cannot offer, why not get family and friends to have a look at Postagesupermarket to send you gifts on postage rates that are very competitive.

Catering size Tetley teabags

Catering size Tetley teabags

Typhoo QT Instand tea

Typhoo QT Instant

We use our vast experience in the food export market to make sure that you get the service that you expect from a world leading british food company.  Our team of personal shoppers will actually go shopping to the major supermarkets for you to ensure that you have the most date effective products that we can get, and also ensuring that we get you the most recent version of that product.  Please always remember that all pictures on our website and britstore are for illustration purposes only, and the products you order may look different.

Pukka Night Time Tea

Pukka Tea range available

Customer Comments

Gooday from OZ!  I have had many cups of tea in my life, and probably in most countries of the world.  But you just can't beat english tea.  Its a fact, its the best in the world, but can you get it anywhere apart from Great Britain????  Of course not!!!  So when I stumbled upon your website through a great review in an ex-pat blog, I simply could not resist.  I made an order their and then for my favourite Marks and Spencer tea

M.Huntingdon, currently in Australia. 

To the Britstore team.  I currently reide in Switzerland, and I must say how very impressed I am with your service.  As you are aware the Swiss customs can be very difficult, however I have had no problems when ordering from you.  I have always received my order in a few days from dispatch and have never had any issues.  A heart felt thank you.

Bethan Jitani, Switzerland.

Hi Richard.  Just a quick note to say thank you for finding New English tea and adding it to your british food site for me to order.  Made made my day!

Geoff bridges, UK.


British Food Shop >  English Tea Shop
PG Tips Teabags PG Tips Teabags
A full range of PG Tips Pyramid and regular teabags.
PG Tips Leaf Tea PG Tips Leaf Tea
Available in two sizes.
PG Tips Tea Granules PG Tips Tea Granules
40g glass jar.
PG Tips Green Tea PG Tips Green Tea
Pure and flavoured green tea.
Typhoo Tea Typhoo Tea
Typhoo teabags.
Typhoo Tea Decaffeinated Typhoo Tea Decaffeinated
Typhoo decaffienated tea teabags
Tetley Tea Tetley Tea
Tetley teabags in a variety of favours and sizes.
Tetley Fruit and Herbal Tea Tetley Fruit and Herbal Tea
Fruit teas from Tetley
Whittard of Chelsea Tea Whittard of Chelsea Tea
Blending passion and expertise since 1886.
Waitrose Tea Waitrose Tea
Waitrose own brand loose tea and tea bags.
Twinings Earl Grey Tea Twinings Earl Grey Tea
Scented with the oil of bergamot, to make a light, soothing tea.
Twinings Pure Assam Tea Twinings Pure Assam Tea
A Strong Indian tea with a rich malty character.
Twinings Lady Grey Tea Twinings Lady Grey Tea
Blended with orange and lemon peel, with a hint of oil of bergamot.
Twinings English Breakfast Tea Twinings English Breakfast Tea
Full bodied and brisk. The ideal way to start the day.
Twinings Ceylon Tea Twinings Ceylon Tea
Delicate and bright, with a golden liquor and light bouquet.
Twinings Darjeeling Tea Twinings Darjeeling Tea
A light and distinctive tea from this world famous district.
Twinings Traditional Afternoon tea Twinings Traditional Afternoon tea
A blend of Kenyan, Assam, and Ceylon teas, this bright, copper-coloured tea's strong flavour makes it both brisk and refreshing.
Twinings Lapsang Souchong Tea Twinings Lapsang Souchong Tea
This is a strong, golden tea with a very distinctive smoky character.
Twinings Chai Tea Twinings Chai Tea
This is a rich black tea infused with the flavour of Indian spices including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger.
Twinings Green Tea Twinings Green Tea
A great selection of green tea blends.
Twinings Tea Speciality Blends Twinings Tea Speciality Blends
1706 Blend, Everyday Tea and Pure white tea
Twinings Herb and Fruit Infusions Twinings Herb and Fruit Infusions
From the moment you add freshly boiled water and release its heady aroma, a Twinings Infusion is the perfect way to feel at one with the world.
Twinings Tassimo Tea Pods Twinings Tassimo Tea Pods
English Breakfast tea in Tassimo pods.
Yorkshire Tea Yorkshire Tea
A full range of gold, decaff, hardwater and original tea.
Marks and Spencer Tea Marks and Spencer Tea
We bring you the full range of Marks and Spencer tea.
Duchy Tea Duchy Tea
Organic teas from Duchy Originals.
Sundry Brand Tea Sundry Brand Tea
Tea from a variety of manufacturers.
Storm Tea Storm Tea
Always a storm brewing!
Lyons Tea Lyons Tea
Leaf and teabags
Taylors of Harrogate Tea Taylors of Harrogate Tea
Tea from the famous Taylors brand.
We Are Tea We Are Tea
Loose leaf and teabags.
Fruitbroo Fruitbroo
Insanely tasty hot drinks.
Teapigs Tea Teapigs Tea
Luxury tea
Mangajo Tea Mangajo Tea
Ready to drink.
Williamson Tea Williamson Tea
Blends of teas from Williamson
Rare Tea Company Rare Tea Company
Loose tea.
Lichfields Tea Lichfields Tea
Tea bags from our wholesalers own brand.
Make Mine a Builder's Tea Make Mine a Builder's Tea
The thirst quenching British cuppa.
London Fruit and Herb Co London Fruit and Herb Co
Fruit infusions.
Pukka Tea Pukka Tea
Naturally caffeine free pure organic herbs.
Thompsons Punjana Tea Thompsons Punjana Tea
Blending fine teas since 1896.
Yogi Teas Yogi Teas
Ayurvedic Spice Infusion.
Dragonfly Teas Dragonfly Teas
Pure teas - no compromise.
Tesco Tea Tesco Tea
A selection of tea from Tesco
Redbush Redbush
An exclusive grade of the finest South African rooibos tea.
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Gentle and soothing, rooibos is well known for its many health properties. Naturally caffeine free Tick Tock can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
Sainsbury Tea Sainsbury Tea
The full sainsburys range of teas including the popular Red Label.
Lift Instant Tea Lift Instant Tea
Lift fruit teas.
Clipper Tea Clipper Tea
Fairtrade, organic and herbal teas in teabags or loose.
Jacksons Of Piccadily Jacksons Of Piccadily
Jacksons teabags have been stitched rather than stapled, so that they are 100% biodegradable.

Cafedirect Tea Cafedirect Tea
Regular and decaffeinated fairtrade tea.

Typhoo teabags, decaffeinated, instant, leaf Lipton fruit, peppermint and other special blends PG Tips decaffeinated Full product list for Tesco hot drinking range Full range of Tetley products Typhoo Instant with Whitener. Marks and Spencer speciality blends. Twinings classic caddys. Make mine a builders for serious tea drinkers! Lift Instant

British Food Shop >  English Tea Shop
Buy great British favourite foods and toiletries in our online store cupboard. Staples and Seasonal Items. Our telephone number is still 01304 206069 If you live abroad and struggle to source english food products locally, aimply use our website to order you british tea and we will deliver it directly to your door, no matter what country you are in.  Basically you can get that great british cup of tea taste you miss!  Weather it be in your holiday home, or that you have emmigrated, or even simply on holiday.  Wherever you are in the world britstore can get these tea products to you... And if you have loved ones here in the UK, why not mention to them?  They can send you birthday and christmas gifts at very cheap postage prices, or even just a little something to remind you of home.  You can order products such as - typhoo qt instant black tea with whitener - typhoo tea decaffeinated - tetley tea softpack 240 teabags - tetley tea softpack 160 teabags - tetley tea softpack 80 teabags - tetley tea softpack 40 teabags - tetley drawstring 80 teabags - tatley decaffeinated 160 teabags - tetley tea decaffeinated 80 teabags - tetley decaffeinated 40 teabags - tetley redbush 40 teabags - tetley redbush 80 teabags - tetley tea softpack extra strong 80 teabags - tetley earl grey 50 teabags - tetley earl grey and vanilla 50 teabags - tetley teabags 440 pack - tetley freeze dried instant tea - catering size tetley - ctaering size tetley two cup teabags - catering sized tetley tea bags enveloped - tetley peppermint flavoured tea - tetley green tea and lemon - tetley camomile canister - twinings tea caddy light classics darjeeling - twinings tea caddy aromatic earl grey - twinings tea caddy classics english breakfast loose tea - twinings tea caddy aromatics lady grey loose tea - twinings tea caddy ceylon orange pekoe losse tea - twinings tea caddy classic english breakfast loose tea - twinings caddy classics earl grey loose tea - twinings tea caddy origins darjeeling loose tea - twinings tea caddy gunpowder green loose tea - twinings tea caddy irish breakfast loose tea - twinings tea caddyvintage darjeeling loose tea. Infacol colic drops - Gripewater - Bisto gravy granules and powder - Paxo stuffing and breadcrumbs- Splenda sweetener tablets and granules - Cadbury chocolate - Flakes, Crunchies, Dairy MilkCurly Wurly - Fruit and Nut chocolate - Galaxy MinstrelsMaltesers - Tetley tea - Typhoo tea  - PG Tips tea - Twinings tea - Nescafe coffee - Kenco Coffee - Rowntrees Fruit Gums - Bendicks mints - McVities Biscuits - Walkers crisps - Weetabix - Jordans Muesli Cereal - Kelloggs Cereal - Ribena blackcurrant squash - Robinsons squash - Cross and Blackwell Branston pickle - Colmans Mustard - Ready Brek - Marks and Spencers tea - Hermasetas Sweeteners - Dr Oetker - Jaffa cakes. We Also offer links to the following web sites provides cheap discounted postage throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Postagesupermarket uses four large couriers, DHL, TNT, Parcelforce and DPD. This is a company that provides cheap discounted international postal services using couriers recognised throughout the world, but at a fraction of the cost. Cheap package, Parcel, documents or letters to send internationally, their discounted international postage rates won't be beaten.  We also offer links for information on - British Food at wholesale prices. Buy in bulk for cheap prices and send all over the world. Bulk Buy British Tea from Tetley

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