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We still offer the same excellent prices on all our products, and our shipping & packaging service is second to none. Can you afford to shop for British food & toiletries anywhere else?
Walkers Crisps
Walkers Crisps
Jacobs Twiglets
Jacobs Twiglets


We have over 16 years experience shipping British foods to expats and lovers of British food all around the world. We offer a fast friendly service and excellent shipping rates on all goods ordered.


Customer Comments

Thanks so much - I'll get back to you. Soon! And you're absolutely right - your prices are the best around! Cheers! SC Abbot

Dear Britsuperstore. I have been a satisfied customer for many years now but have only just discovered that you supply snacks on a card just as I remember in pubs back home, except you list a bigger range than I can ever recall seeing. I will be sure to add some of these to my order in future as everybody loves them, even the locals! Keep up the good work.
J Evans. Portugal. 

Hey there Was pleased to receive my first-time order from Britsuperstore today only two weeks after I ordered it. It arrived intact and as ordered -- even better service than U.S. firms from which I've ordered similar goods in the past. Many thanks. I'll be recommending your store to others. Best,
St. Paul, Minn

 British Crisps and snack 
Golden Wonder Nik Naks
Nik Naks
Kettle Chips
Kettle Chips

Walkers Sensations
Walkers Sensations
KP Peanuts
KP Peanuts
Traditional and new British Crisps  from top brands Walkers, Kettle, Smiths and loads more


British Food Shop >  Crisps and Snacks
Marmite Crisps Marmite Crisps
Good old potatoes supercharged with a heady dose of Marmite.
Walkers Crisps Walkers Crisps
The whole range of crisps from the popular manufacturers, including Sensations and Doritos.
Jacobs Snacks Jacobs Snacks
Twiglets, cheeselets, and now, Mini Cheddars too.
Pringles Crisps Pringles Crisps
The range of crisps that come in a tube.
Smiths Crisps Smiths Crisps
A variety of crisps from Smiths in multipack bags or mounted on card. If you are looking for Smiths Squares, Family Favourites or Frazzles, they are now made by Walkers and are in the Walkers section.
Golden Wonder Crisps Golden Wonder Crisps
Crisps and Transform A Snacks from Golden Wonder.
KP Crisps KP Crisps
Hula Hoops, Discos, Space Raiders and Skips in bags and boxes.
Real McCoys Crisps Real McCoys Crisps
Individual bags, a six pack, twelve pack and boxes of McCoys crisps.
Tyrrells Potato Chips Tyrrells Potato Chips
Hand cooked crisps from Herefordshire
Kettle Chips Kettle Chips
Handcooked crisps from Kettle Chips.
Kelloggs Crisps Kelloggs Crisps
Special K cracker crisps.
The Dormen The Dormen
Little luxuries.
Yu! Yu!
Made with real fruit.
Blue Diamond Blue Diamond
Smart snacking.
Phileas Fogg Phileas Fogg
Exciting taste experiences from around the world.
Waitrose Crisps, Nuts and Snacks Waitrose Crisps, Nuts and Snacks
Snacks from the Waitrose brand.
Popchips Popchips
Never fried, never baked.
Weight Watchers Weight Watchers
Snacks from the Weight Watchers brand.
Mixed Brand Bombay Mix Mixed Brand Bombay Mix
Bombay Mix from a number of manufacturers.
Pom Bears Pom Bears
The Teddy Shaped Potato Snack.

Seabrook Crisps Seabrook Crisps
Once tasted, loved forever.
Marks and Spencer Crisps and Snacks Marks and Spencer Crisps and Snacks
All your favourites including chipsticks, cheese tasters and bacon rashers.
Penn State Snacks Penn State Snacks
Pretzels from Penn State
Sundry Brand Crisps and Snacks Sundry Brand Crisps and Snacks
Crisps from a variety of manufacturers.
Whitworths Snacks Whitworths Snacks
Dried fruit and nut snacks; ideal for lunch boxes.
Tesco Crisps Tesco Crisps
Tesco finest handcooked crisps.
Tesco Nuts and Snacks Tesco Nuts and Snacks
Nuts and other snacks from Tesco.
Sainsbury Nuts and Snacks Sainsbury Nuts and Snacks
Nuts, seeds and crisps from this leading supermarket.
KP Nuts and Snacks KP Nuts and Snacks
Peanuts and cashews in various flavours from KP, and now the Big Nuts range too.
Peperami Peperami
It's a bit of an animal!
Popcorn Popcorn
Microwavable and ready to eat popcorn.
Sundry Brand Carded Snacks Sundry Brand Carded Snacks
These are mounted on a card as found in Old English Pubs. Please look in KP Nuts, McVities, Jacobs and Mr Porky for other carded snacks.
Mr Porky Snacks Mr Porky Snacks
A selection of pork scratchings snacks from Mr Porky.
Forest Feast Forest Feast
The finest dried fruit and nuts from around the world.
Roysters Roysters
Big flavoured bubbled potato chips.
Fruit Bowl Snacks Fruit Bowl Snacks
A range of dried fruit bags, ideal for childrens lunch boxes.

British Food Shop >  Crisps and Snacks
Buy great British favourite foods and toiletries in our online store cupboard. Staples and Seasonal Items. Our telephone number is still 01304 206069 Brit Superstore - British food distibutors supplying Britain's favourite foods   around the world - Walkers - Worcester sauce crisps - chips - Ready salted - Cheese and onion - Steak and onion - Roast chicken - Marmite crisps - Barbecue rib - Salt n Shake - Prawn cocktail - Smokey bacon - jamaican jerk - cheddar cheese and bacon - sour cream and chive - meaty - baked - Max chargrilled steak - French Fries - Frazzels bacon flavour - Squares - Wotsits cheese - Monster munch - pickled onion - Quavers cheese - Light - diet - low calorie - Sensations - Doritos - McVities Mini cheddars cheese, BBQ and branston pickle flavours - twiglets - hula hoops - carded - pub crisps - boarded - Big D peanuts -  Jacobs Twiglets - Kershaws Super Cockles - Brannigans peanuts - Nobbys nuts - Peperami - Freshers Ploughmans lunch - Pringles - Sour cream - Texas Barbeque - Salt and Vinagar - Paprika - Fiery hot wasabi - xtreme smokin ribs - cheese and chilli - zesty lime - Bacon - rice infusions - Dorito dips - Salsa - Smiths frazzles - bacon fries - Scampi fries - Cheese moments - KP Nice n spicy Nik naks - rib n saucy - Discos - Skips - Real McCoys -  Kettle - Boxes of crisps - Wholesale - Bulk Buy -  Salt n vinegar - cheese n onion - Big nuts - monkey nuts - Cashews - Popcorn Sweet, salted and toffee - Popz Microwave - Mr Porky Scratchings - Fruit Flakes Yoghurt -Fruit Bowl - Dry roasted peanuts - Chilli - Honey nut popcorn - Crushed black pepper -  lightly salted - Seasalt and black pepper - Penn state pretzels - Seabrook crisps - Hand cooked - Jumbo - Tortillas - Tyrells - Bombay mix - Golden Wonder Transform a snack - wheat crunchies -KP space raiders -  Porn Bear - Red Mill Fun snacks - nibbles - krunchie sticks - onion rings - petrified prawns - quarter backs - oinks - tangy toms - jonathan crisp - nandos - sun-pat snacks - reggae raggae westlers big mex - roysters t bone steak - Party food - Infacol colic drops - Gripewater - Bisto gravy granules and powder - Paxo stuffing and breadcrumbs- Splenda sweetener tablets and granules - Cadbury chocolate - Flakes, Crunchies, Dairy MilkCurly Wurly - Fruit and Nut chocolate - Galaxy MinstrelsMaltesers - Tetley tea - Typhoo tea  - PG Tips tea - Twinings tea - Nescafe coffee - Kenco Coffee - Rowntrees Fruit Gums - Bendicks mints - McVities Biscuits - Walkers crisps - Weetabix - Jordans Muesli Cereal - Kelloggs Cereal - Ribena blackcurrant squash - Robinsons squash - Cross and Blackwell Branston pickle - Colmans Mustard - Ready Brek - Marks and Spencers tea - Hermasetas Sweeteners - Dr Oetker - Jaffa cakes. We Also offer links to the following web sites provides cheap discounted postage throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Postagesupermarket uses four large couriers, DHL, TNT, Parcelforce and DPD. This is a company that provides cheap discounted international postal services using couriers recognised throughout the world, but at a fraction of the cost. Cheap package, Parcel, documents or letters to send internationally, their discounted international postage rates won't be beaten.  We also offer links for information on - British Food at wholesale prices. Buy in bulk for cheap prices and send all over the world. Bulk Buy British Tea from Tetley

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