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Heinz Baked Beans
Heinz Baked Beans 

Marvel Dried Milk

We have over 16 years experience shipping British foods to expats and lovers of British food all around the world. We offer a fast friendly service and excellent shipping rates on all goods ordered.

Smash Instant Potato
Smash Instant Potato

Customer Comments

Thanks so much - I'll get back to you. Soon! And you're absolutely right - your prices are the best around!Cheers!SC Abbot

Just received my goods can't wait to have Baked Beans on toastsound silly but the simple things are sometimes the best Harry Adams Greece.

Hey thereWas pleased to receive my first-time order from Britsuperstore today only twoweeks after I ordered it. It arrived intact and as ordered -- even betterservice than U.S. firms from which I've ordered similar goods in the past.Many thanks. I'll be recommending your store to others.Best,
St. Paul, Minn

Cup a Soup
Cup a Soup


British Food Shop >  Groceries > Baxters Soup
Baxters Luxury Soup Baxters Luxury Soup
Luxury tinned soup from Baxters.
Baxters Favourites Soup Baxters Favourites Soup
All your favourite soups, from Baxters.
Baxters Hearty Soup Baxters Hearty Soup
Hearty soup in a tin by Baxters.
Baxters Vegetarian Soup Baxters Vegetarian Soup
Vegetarian tinned soup by Baxters.

British Food Shop >  Groceries > Baxters Soup
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